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Dedicated to stopping genetic engineering of human beings, and preserving natural conception rights. All people should be created equal, by the union of a woman and a man.

Preserve Marriage and Stop Same-Sex/Transgender Reproduction!

It is time for Congress to enact "The Natural Marriage and Reproduction Rights Act" that will end same-sex marriage in the United States and preserve natural conception rights. The law would prohibit attempting to create a human being by any method other than joining a man and a woman's unmodified genes, and would affirm the effect of marriage as approving and allowing the couple to reproduce together using their own genes. It would also prohibit Civil Unions for same-sex couples that give the rights of marriage. Congress should act immediately to void all same sex marriages to avoid the legal nightmare and waste of money that will happen due to striking down Section 3 of DOMA.
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Is "same-sex conception" real?

Yes, researchers are working on methods to create sperm and eggs from stem cells so that same-sex couples could have genetically related children together. It isn't impossible, just unethical and expensive and unnecessary. Scientists in Japan have already created a mouse named Kaguya in 2004 that has two mothers and no father.

To create her, the scientists created over 450 embryos, implanted 371, and 10 mice were born alive. Kaguya was the only mouse that came out healthy enough to survive to adulthood, the others all died from genetic defects.

Read more about Kaguya here.

Same-sex conception would be much riskier than IVF, which is still natural egg and sperm conception, and even cloning, because same-sex conception requires changing the genomic imprinting of one partner's genes and seeing if it works. Trying it in humans would be completely unethical and unnecessary and waste our resources at a time when people still cannot get basic health care. Research should be stopped.

Read about the ethics of same-sex conception here, here, and here.

Incredibly, however, it is currently legal, and there are people who feel same-sex couples not only have the right to attempt to conceive children together, but that we have an obligation to continue to fund research to make it "safe and affordable" for them. One New Jersey researcher quoted in GayCityNews said he expects to see children come from stem cell derived gametes in "three to five years" if the research continues at the present pace! (That article has been removed from their main site, but it's still on some backup server site.) Another researcher in Britian working on stem cell derived gametes also said it "should take around three to five years of experiments."

They are proceeding recklessly, spending freely, putting children at risk, expoiting same-sex couples, and opening the door to a Brave New World of genetic engineering and manufactured children.

To protect children, as well as protect everyone's natural conception rights and preserve human dignity, we need a law that says children can only be conceived by the union of a woman's egg and a man's sperm. Conceiving children together should not be a right of same-sex couples. Same-sex couples should have all of the other rights of marriage in the form of civil unions. Marriages should continue to guarantee conception rights using the couples own gametes.

Frequently asked questions:

What about adoption and other ways that same-sex couples have children?

This law would not affect anything anyone does now to conceive or parent children. It would only rule out genetic engineering of human beings, which hasn't been done yet.

What about same-sex marriage?

If we prohibit labs from attempting to create children that are not the union of a woman's egg and a man's sperm, then same-sex marriages will not be allowed to conceive children together, which would fundamentally change marriage and put all of our conception rights in jeopardy. To protect our right to have children, we need to preserve marriage's right to conceive children together. Civil unions could be created that have all of the other rights of marriage, but not the right to conceive children together. With this distinction between marriage and civil unions, which would match the distinction between the rights of same-sex and both-sex couples, it will probably be much easier to get federal recognition for same-sex civil unions, as well as get civil unions enacted in all 50 states. This would benefit same-sex couples much more than having a right to conceive children together using genetic engineering. We should push for this compromise solution.

Is it anti-gay to be against same-sex conception?

No, it is anti-genetic engineering. No one should have a right to use genetic engineering to create children. And gay people should have the equal right to conceive children via natural conception. Supporting gay rights does not require supporting genetic engineering for gay couples to have children.

What is Transhumanism?

It's an organized global movement that seeks to use technology to make "better humans" and take control of human evolution. See the Wikipedia page for more information.

What is wrong with that?

Assuming it even works, it would eventually force people to turn to commercial labs to have children and require a huge government agency to regulate and fund everyone's reproduction, as it would make it irresponsible at best, and illegal at worst, to have natural children. It would create a gene-rich and gene-poor divide, where rich people or countries pursued genetic advantages over poor people and countries, and it would divert resources from basic medicine, harming existing people.

What can we do to stop it?

Raise the issue with friends and coworkers, call talk shows, write letters to papers and politicians. There is no big organization working to prevent this. Politicians are for it (they see a lucrative industry). Not many people visit this little website, so you are one of the few people who even know about this issue. It is really up to you and me to get them to stop genetic engineering of children! We really have to work hard to raise awareness of this issue. Contact me at john@eggandsperm.org to help!

John Howard